Custom Engagement Ring and Matching Band

This absolutely stunning picture is courtesy of one of my clients, who in addition to being a very skilled techie also happens to be an accomplished photographer. He took this picture of the finished set together and was kind enough to send it to me when he received the matching wedding ring out in California.

We collaborated on this design and the stone over the course of weeks, making sure even the slightest detail was taken care of – angles at which the sides of the ring would support the stone, the lines of the ring, as well as the size of the side stones being proportionate to the center stone. We even made adjustments to the basket holding the center stone, taking from three different designs in order to get the perfect fit and then casted the basket specifically to fit that stone.

The fortunate woman who sports this ring is beautiful and slender, and so we strove to create something that would show beautifully and be amazing in its presence and quality without overpowering her delicate fingers.

I am particularly proud of this design. It is reminiscent of Tiffany’s Novo design, but markedly improved in execution. There is more balance between the stone size and the metal work, and the piece allows the light of the high quality stones to show through without the flash of metal detracting from the overall look.

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