Tickled Pink

Below is a picture of the Idol’s Eye. The center stone is 70.21 carats.

Idol's Eye







It is one of a very small subset of elite stones mined in India at a time when (for hundreds of years until the 18th century) India was the only known source

for diamonds. The eminent mines were located in South Central India (today the state of Hyderabad). There sat the ancient city of Golconda, for which the mines were named. The stones are technically categorized “Type IIa”, meaning they are devoid of nitrogen, which is the element that causes a diamond to show any yellow whatsoever. Because of this, the stones exhibit a special transparency that is unparalleled. (It should be noted that not all Golconda-mined stones are Type IIa and not all Type IIa stones are Golconda- mined.) Gem purists and collectors are fascinated with these stones not only because of their sheer beauty, but because the history of anything that is four hundred years old must tell a special story. A disproportionate amount of the world’s famous diamonds have been linked to the Golconda mines. In this case, the story is inextricably tied with world history including the rises and falls of monarchies; current day ownership documents some our most successful captains of industry.Those who have the means to acquire such a stone have the unique opportunity to hold history in their hands in a way most people never will.
In my readings about Golconda stones, I came across the following photograph of Harry and Marilyn Levinson with the Idol’s Eye:

Levinson with Idol's Eye







and upon seeing it, I was reminded why I do what I do. Because behind all the education, research and hard work of calling 50 some-odd dealers to find the ideal stone for a client and creating the perfect design for that special stone is the feeling the first time I am able to see my client enjoy the piece in person. The emotion is perfectly embodied in the expression on Marilyn Levinson’s face. It tickles me pink. Some might even say “Golconda pink”. All 9.27 carats worth.

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