The Surgeon’s Pendant

I have the pleasure and privilege of working on many different pieces, some well into the six figures. But it is the most thoughtful that stay with me. This piece, simple in its design but extraordinarily complex in its execution, was designed by a client of mine who intended to create it before he even proposed. What does a pendant have to do with an engagement ring?

I will explain. His gorgeous fiance is a practicing surgeon. Surgeons often tie their jewelry to the drawstrings of their scrubs before going into the operating room. He required a more elegant solution for his beloved. We sketched ideas, flew in samples from many locations, and finally settled on this design. The wearer can clip her engagement ring right into the pendant, much like a carabiner in function, but not at all in aesthetics.

To create this piece, we custom-cut the baguettes, created a CAD rendering that required expertise from three different engineers, and used craftsmen from four different countries to cast and assemble.

I have five words for this client: “Well done, sir. Well done.”

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